James Woods

James Woods is the Director of the Herrett Center for Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of Anthropology at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. He has a BFA in Ceramics from Boise State University and a Masters of Arts degree in Anthropology from Idaho State University. Woods has worked in the northwest as well as in Guatemala specializing in the study of ancient stone tools. Most recently, he and his students have been conducting experimental studies designed to learn more about ancient stone technology such as the manufacture and use of stone arrow points and the ancient techniques used to fabricated polished stone jewelry. Wood is a recipient of the Idaho Humanities Council's "Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities" and "Professional Achievement Award" from Idaho State University.

1287 Park Meadows Drive
Twin Falls, ID 83301
phone: 208-410-0186
email: jwoods@csi.edu
Presentation needs: Small stand or table for projector, table for replicas, and a room capable of being darkened.
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