Past Summer Teacher Institutes

2018 - And Here We Have Idaho: Curating the Gem State [Details]
2017 - Wallace Stegner and the Consciousness of Place [Details]
2016 - The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society [Details]
2015 - The Harlem Renaissance [Details]
2014 - Batter Up!  Baseball in American Culture [Details]
2013 - Lighting Out for the Territory:  Idaho History, 1863-1890 [Details]
2012 - Visionary Landscapes:  Willa Cather and the Search for Place in the West [Details]
2011 - Are You Now or Have You Ever Been...Fear, Suspicion, and Incivility in Cold War America [Details]
2010 - Why Mark Twain Still Matters:  Exploring the Mississippi River Books [Details]
2009 - Storm Center:  The History of the Supreme Court [Details]
2008 - A Word for Nature: Exploring Environmental Literature [Details]
2007 - New Harmonies: Exploring American Roots Music [Details]
2006 - Controlled by Events: The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln [Details]
2005 - Nothing by the Truth: Survival and Celebration in Native American Literature
2004 - An Unfulfilled Revolution: The Presidency of Thomas Jefferson
2003 - John Steinbeck and the Art of Social Engagement
2002 - Paradox Politics: Idaho Political History Since World War II
2001 - Cultural Roots: A Program for Teaching Folklife in the Classroom
2000 - Tough Paradise: The Literature of Idaho and the American West
1999 - Ernest Hemingway and the Birth of Modernism
1998 - Idaho and the American West