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Fri, October 12 2018 at 7:00 PM
2018 Sheep Tales Gathering - Herders and Their Stories

This year’s Sheep Tales Gathering will bring in Sofian Khan and Andrés Caballero to screen their film GAUCHO DEL NORTE which follows the life of herders leaving their families from abroad to tend sheep in the US.   

 The ranchers featured in the film are the Ball Brothers whose sheep operation runs out of Hamer, Idaho.  Robert and Blake Ball, father and son, appear in the film.  One of the Ball brothers plans to attend the session to participate in the Q&A.

In addition, we are bringing in Carolyn Dufurrena to screen her short film: Sheepherders with Cell Phones. In this film, Carolyn and Linda Dufurrena ponder how cell phones have changed the lives of sheepherders who live with their flocks on isolated western ranges in this Deep West Video that premiered at the 2013 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Trailing of the Sheep Festival; Sheep Tales Gathering; Friday, October 12, 2018; 7:00 pm; (location TBD - Ketchum, Idaho)

sponsor: Trailing of the Sheep Cultural Heritage Center, Inc.
contact: Laura Drake
phone: (208) 720-0585
location: TBD; Ketchum, ID
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