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Tue, June 20 2017 at 3:00 PM
Who is Basque? A Discussion of Basque Identity

Central to the cultural identity of the Basques are several assertions about archaeology, anthropology, linguistics, history and geography.  While many of these assertions have a basis in fact, many are myths promulgated to further political and economic agendas.  Sabino Arana based his ideology of Basque Nationalism on the racial purity of the Basques.  While this designation has been discredited, the essence of the Basque identity is still the focus of debate both in Euzkadi and in the Basque Diaspora.  This presentation seeks to articulate different ways of determining "Basqueness" and to ascertain what the future holds for the retention of Basque identity.

sponsor: Heatherwood Retirement Community
contact: Chris Gallagher
phone: (208) 345-2150
location: Heatherwood Retirement Community, Friendship Room, 5277 W. Kootenai St., Boise, ID
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