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Wed, October 4 2017 – Sun, October 8 2017
Sheeptales Gathering 2017 - The Shepherdess of the Glaciers

The annual Trailing of the Sheep Festival, has become one of the most celebrated events in America today. For this year’s Festival (October 4-8), we are bringing in Stanzin Dorjai-Gya as the presenter for our Friday night Sheep Tales Gathering.  Stanzin and Christiane Mordelet created a documentary film centered on a shepherdess of sheep and endangered Pashmina goats  in the Himalayas titled “Shepherdess of the Glaciers.”

“On a rock-strewn mountain, 5,000 meters high in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, lives shepherdess Tsering with her flock of 250 sheep and pashmina goats. We follow Tsering’s solitary movements over a year…where she acts as midwife to her goats, warms batteries on a cooking pot and occasionally sings...she daily faces the troubling presence of wolves and a snow leopard. Packed with stunning images of the Gya-Miru Valley, (the film) reveals the ancestral wisdom of those Ladakhi shepherds whose environment and livelihoods are under severe threat.”

sponsor: Trailing of the Sheep Cultural Heritage Center, Inc.
contact: Laura Drake
phone: (208) 720-0585
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