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Thu, January 19 2017 – Mon, May 29 2017
Rome, An Exhibition About Ancient Rome

The exhibit “Rome” will be hosted at the Museum of Idaho from January 19, 2017 through May 29, 2017. The exhibit will illustrate various aspects of Roman civilization. Many of the technological and social innovations of Rome are still influential today. This exhibit will draw connections between history and current society through interactive displays and installations. Road building, for example, was one of Rome’s great innovations, and the techniques they developed are still used in modern road construction. Additionally, the Roman Republic inspired America’s founding fathers in the formation of the US Government.

This exhibit will give visitors an opportunity to examine Roman civilization and learn about its innovations. This exhibit will cover the history, philosophy, archeology, politics, art and architecture of ancient Rome.

sponsor: Museum of Idaho
contact: Kimberly Lee
phone: (208) 522-1400 Ext. 3007
location: Museum of Idaho, 200 North Eastern Ave., Idaho Falls, ID
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