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Essays About Fire by Idaho Writers

Forged in FireForged in Fire: Essays by Idaho Writers, compiled by Mary Clearman Blew and Phil Druker, is the second book in a series of four about the elements water, fire, earth and air.

Fire has always gripped our imagination.  To quote Mary Clearman Blew, "It warms us, frightens us, and entertains us."  In Forged in Fire, Blew and coeditor Phil Druker have assembled twenty gifted writers who explore the element from various perspectives.

This book is available for purchase for a limited time.  Copies of Forged in Fire are available from the IHC for $15.00, plus .06% sales tax (if purchased in Idaho), and $4.00 shipping and handling.

To purchase this book, please call the IHC toll free at 888-345-5346, or email

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