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Purchase IHC's Cookbook About Food Memories

Dishrag SoupAnyone for a little Sauerkraut Jell-o? Pheasant Pie? Bourbon Dumplings? Green Tomato Chow-Chow?

Dishrag Soup & Poverty Cake: An Idaho Potluck of Essays on Food, is a collection of essays and recipes by 43 contributors from Hayden to Pocatello about something we all have in common—great stories about food—and just in time for the holidays.

“It’s a cookbook you can take to bed with you,” says IHC Executive Director Rick Ardinger. “Though it has some great recipes, I suspect it will be on more nightstands than kitchen counters for a while. It’s a real gumbo of stories about the secret ingredients of community, friendship, family, and memory.”

The book features an eclectic mix of poignant and humorous essays about food making, food gathering, and eating. Idaho politico Bethine Church remembers trading recipes on the campaign trail; Idaho Statesman columnist Dan Popkey writes about essential cookies for river rafting; Constitution scholar David Adler writes of presidential war powers and blueberry pancakes; Driggs bookstore owner Jeanne Anderson remembers winning a chili cook-off; Lewiston writer Margo Aragon recalls Nez Perce root-gathering traditions; U.S. Forest Service lookout John Thomsen writes of the joy of cooking at 7,500 feet—and much more. The title of the book comes from two essays about cooking during hard times.

You can purchase Dishrag Soup & Poverty Cake: An Idaho Potluck of Essays on Food from the Idaho Humanities Council for $15 (plus $4 shipping and handling. 170 pages; ISBN # 0-9788816-0-5).

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