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Essays About Air by Idaho Writers

Borne on Air: Essays by Idaho Writers, compiled by Mary Clearman Blew and Phil Druker, is the third book in a series of four about the elements water, fire, earth and air.

For Borne on Air, some of Idaho’s best writers were challenged to describe their personal relationship to the element we Borne on Airbreathe – “the holy element,” writes Blew, “which inflicts pain, bestows health, strikes fear, and inspires hope.” Often set in Idaho, with its vast wilderness of mountains and forest, where the clear air reminds us of purity, the nineteen essays and one poem collected in this volume carry warnings of approaching weather and the whisper of spirits close at hand. As they haunt us with ghosts, electrify us with storms, take flight in small planes, and terrify us with near drowning, these writers provoke uncommon insights and a new appreciation of how we interact with what envelops us. Together, the essays in Borne on Air spark an appreciation of how the human soul responds to the invisible power of the atmosphere.

Borne on Air is available from the IHC for $15 (plus $4 shipping and handling. 263 pages; ISBN #978-1-59766-041-9).


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