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Outstanding Achievement Awards

Jim JonesSince 1986 the Board of the Idaho Humanities Council annually gives an award to an individual and/or organization for Outstanding Achievement in the Humanities. The award is given annually to either a person or an organization, such as a scholar for writing a significant book, a project director for implementing an excellent public humanities program, a university or college for significantly improving its humanities programs, a school district or individual school for developing a model curriculum, or any number of other people or institutions for high achievement that fosters greater understanding or appreciation of the humanities.

Previous Recipients Include:








Jim Jones, Retired Idaho Supreme Court Justice

Susan Swetnam, Professor Emerita, Idaho State University

Jan Boles, Director, Robert E. Smylie Archives, College of Idaho

Judith Austin, Historian, Editor, Author

Peter Morrill, Former General Manager of Idaho Public Television

Alan Marshall, Lewis-Clark State College Anthropology Professor

Virginia Tinsley Johnson, Retired NIC Chair of Communication, Fine Arts and Humanities Division

2011 Russell R. Heller, Supervisor of Educational Services, Boise Independent School District
2010 David Gray Adler, Director, James A. & Louise McClure for Public Policy Research
2009 Patty Miller, Director, Boise Basque Museum
2008 Ronald Hatzenbuehler, Political Science Professor, Idaho State University
2007 MK "Keith" Browning, Lewis-Clark State College Emeritus Professor of English, founder of Confluence Press
2006 Tony Stewart, North Idaho College Professor of Political Science
2005 William Studebaker, Poet and English Professor, College of Southern Idaho
2004 Robert Sims, Boise State University Emeritus Professor of History
2003 Brian Attebery, Idaho State University Professor of English, Science Fiction Scholar
2002 Horace Axtell, Nez Perce Tribal Elder
2001 Mary Clearman Blew, University of Idaho Professor of English, scholar and author
2000 Louise Shadduck, historian and author
1999 Arthur Hart, historian and author
1998 Gov. Robert E. Smylie, former Governor and author
1997 James C. Woods, College of Southern Idaho archaeologist and Director of CSI’s Herrett Center
1996 Dennis Colson, University of Idaho Professor of Law
1995 Jerry Glenn, Idaho historian, Ricks College Professor of Religion and Library Science
1994 Hugh Nichols, Lewis-Clark State College Professor of English
1993 Peggy McClendon, Idaho State Librarian, “Let’s Talk About It” Coordinator
1992 Marvin Henberg, University of Idaho Professor of Philosophy
1991 Merle Wells, Idaho State Historian Emeritus
1990 Baxter Mow, Idaho Rhoades Scholar
1989 Louie Attebery, author, College of Idaho Professor of English and Folklore
1989 Latah County Historical Society, Moscow, Idaho
1988 Carlos Schwantes, author, historian, University of Idaho Professor of History
1987 Tom Rybus, former IHC Assistant Director
1986 Keith Petersen, historian and writer
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